Organising Byron Schoolies Checklist

Want to have the best schoolies week ever? Planning early will save you heaps of stress and trouble later on. Over 80% of schoolies wish they know more information about schoolies 6 months before they finished school.
Use our Byron Bay Schoolies checklist to help you get started.

Who are you partying with? Staying with?

How good will it be living with a group of mates for a whole week! The people you stay with for schoolies with have a big impact on your schoolies week, for better or worse.
Think about these things before you decide who you’re staying with...

  • Do you trust and feel safe with these people
  • A larger group brings down the cost per person. Book Group Schoolies Accommodation.
  • Each person must put in their share of the costs.
  • If a group member drops out closer to the schoolies break be aware that you may need to cover their share of expenses
  • Under 18s can’t drink or go to bars or nightclubs (if you’re overage make sure you have ID - like a driver’s licence or proof of age card, organise this early)
  • People have different ideas about what’s fun, what you do for schoolies is your choice

What will you do?

The most popular way to spend schoolies is kicking back at the beach, and partying late with your friends.

  • How much money do you and your friends have to spend?
  • How long are you planning to stay, only the week or even longer?
  • What type of experience do you want (e.g. do you want to spend schoolies in a popular place with lots of people? Or somewhere less crowded?)
  • Is everyone in your group over 18? Will everyone be able to go to nightclubs and pubs?
  • What free events are on?

Doing a bit of research on what available in Byron Bay will help you figure out what you will be getting up to.

When will you go?

Sounds like a no brainer, huh? But you’ll need to time your schoolies trip so you don’t miss any extra requirements for tertiary course entry. Lots of universities and TAFEs set interviews, auditions or entrance tests around this time of year.

And don’t make plans to leave before your last exam! You can check last year’s timetable to get an idea of the dates. You should speak to a teacher or career counsellor if you have any concerns about exam dates or tertiary course entrance requirements.

Queensland schoolies are not at the same time as NSW or Victorias schoolies week.

Where will you stay?

Finding a place to stay is the big one – it’ll cost you to get it but you don’t want to be without it! Schoolies accommodation gets booked out fast so get onto this as soon as you can.

And don’t turn up if you haven’t got anywhere to stay. Sleeping in your car or on the beach is illegal and you risk being fined.

Places you can stay:

  • Hotel, motel or resort
  • Unit or house
  • Campsite or caravan park

Things to think about when booking your accommodation:

  • Cost of rent and bond (if one applies)
  • Location (how close it is to the centre of town/the beach/public transport)
  • If you can store and prepare your own meals (you can in a unit or house but not in a hotel) 

See our Schoolies Accommodation for a place to stay

How will you get there (and back)?

Depending on where you’re from, the trip to schoolies could mean boarding a plane, catching a bus or finding a space in your mate’s car.  Planning the journey will help to make sure it is an enjoyable experience. Make sure you know how you’re getting home too!

  • Booking a flight - get in early for cheap airfares and travel insurance
  • Catching public transport - book well in advance and make sure you have a concession card if travelling on a concession ticket
  • Driving - don’t forget to have the car serviced and spend some time planning the route you’ll take

Check out our Byron Bay Flights, Byron Bay Car Hire, Byron Bay Airport Transfers for more information

Can you afford schoolies?

Want to spend big on schoolies but stay out of debt? You just have to make a budget and stick to it.  If you’ve ever lived on a budget before you’ll know it’s not as easy as it sounds! There are lots of things you’ll have to pay for on schoolies.

  • Accommodation – rent and bond
  • Transport (Car Hire, Airport Transfer, Flying to Byron) – to and from your schoolies destination as well as getting around while you’re there
  • Food – groceries for meals you make and eating out or takeaway
  • Activities – sightseeing, surf board hire etc.
  • Extras – little things (e.g. sunscreen) or emergency travel and medical expenses (Travel Insurance)

Is that it?

If you’ve got questions about schoolies it’s a good idea to talk to someone who’s been there and done that. Relatives or friends who’ve been on schoolies will have heaps to share about their experiences.

Don’t forget to talk to your parents and family and keep them up to date on your schoolies plans. They’re less likely to freak out if they can see that you’ve thought things through and have got yourself organised.

Byron Bay Schoolies 2008 and 2009 are going to be the best ever!!!