What is Byron Bay Schoolies?

Schoolies or Schoolies week refers to the tradition of high-school graduates having a week long holiday following the end of their final exams in late November and early December.

The main schoolies destination is Queensland’s Gold Coast, however Byron Bay has become a popular destination over the last decade. Alternative destinations include Sunshine Coast, Airlie Beach, Tropical North QLD, Great Keppel Island and Magnetic Island. Traditionally each of the 3 Schoolies weeks in Queensland attracts a different state of year 12's so that each one parties with their own fellow students.

Every year thousands of school leaver’s from around Australia make plans for a holiday to celebrate the end of their school years and completion of their high school certificate.

Schoolies is generally a safe place with many safety measures in place to keep the schoolies safe on the streets and at their accommodation.

Byron Bay Schoolies was created to inform school leavers of the accommodation available to them and also helpful information.

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Byron Schoolies 2008
Week 1: November 22 - November 29 2008
Week 2: November 29 to December 6 2008

Byron Schoolies 2009
Week 1:  November 21 - November 28 2009
Week 2:  November 28 - December 5 2009
Week 3:  December 5 - December 12 2009