Byron Bay Schoolies Travel Insurance

When travelling interstate to schoolies, many unexpected things can happen to ruin your holiday, consider obtaining travel insurance to cover yourself from these unexpected things such as losing your luggage, having to cancel at the last minute, losing your mobile phone or a sudden illness that prevents you from going on your holiday.

Look around for the best deal that suits your needs. You don't have to take the first policy offered to you by a travel agent.

Check the policy carefully and be sure to disclose any relevant details about yourself to your insurer. This includes any existing medical conditions you may have. If you don't do this, your insurer may have grounds to reject your claim and you will be out of pocket.

Below are a few travel insurance providers.

Byron Bay Travel Insurance

1Cover Travel Insurance Visit Website

1Cover Travel Insurance

Byron Bay Schoolies Insurance

Travel insurance for people travelling overseas or domestically. Fully comprehensive policies for all ages. Online approval for pre existing medical conditions. Available for trips of 1 day to 365 days. Extend online if overseas.